Unveiling Myanmar: Your Ultimate 7-Day Adventure Guide for 2024

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a country rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. For those seeking adventure and a taste of traditional charm blended with modernism, Myanmar is the perfect destination. Get ready for an exciting 7-day journey that will immerse you in Myanmar’s allure, ensuring every step is filled with discovery and wonder.


Myanmar’s golden lands are adorned with majestic pagodas, breathtaking landscapes, and a vibrant culture steeped in ancient traditions and hospitality. Whether you’re indulging in street-side delicacies, exploring bustling cities, or uncovering the mysteries of ancient ruins, Myanmar is not just a place to visit; it’s an immersive experience, a profound feeling, and a cherished memory that stays with every traveler.


Although the touristics sites are not directly in the conflict area, you should keep in mind this could change at any moment, however, I did not feel unsafe at any time during my stay. Have common sense and do not go to areas that are not recommended and do not take pictures of military buildings or people.

Myanmar people are one of the kindest I have ever met. Even though they are going through a difficult time right now, they are not pushy and always have a smile in their faces. You might be the only tourist they have seen in a while so be prepared to be “famous”.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a country located in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by India, Bangladesh, China, Laos, and Thailand. The nation is home to diverse ethnic groups and has a rich cultural heritage. However, Myanmar has been grappling with internal conflict, particularly the ongoing civil war, which has led to significant humanitarian crises.

The information here is based on my trip to Myanmar in January 2024. Due to their ongoing civil war, certain aspects might change at short notice.

Travel Essentials


Cash is king here! While some tourist shops and hotels accept credit cards, they often add a service fee of about 1.5%. Plus, the conversion is based on the official rate which stands at 2900 MMK for 1USD as of January 24.

However, there’s a smarter way to get more bang for your buck. There are certain money exchange shops offering incredibly competitive rates, with some going as high as 3400 MMK for 1USD. A pro tip: head to these exchange shops as soon as you hit the city centre of Yangon, with the Bogyoke Aung San Market home to several such places.

Please note, it’s essential to bring brand new, crisp 100 USD notes to get the best exchange rates. If your notes are older or of lower value, you might get a less favourable rate. Strange, but true!


As well as getting a SIM card and some Myanmar currency, you should make use of the Grab fixed fare service they provide at the stand next to the ATOM stand in the airport. The Grab agent will ask for the hotel address and will quote you a price. Once you agree, they will give you a price voucher and call a driver. You hand the voucher and pay the driver directly. You will have to pay the driver in cash but, after that, you can safely use the app to book rides.

The best way to move around in Yangon is either by walking or getting a Grab.

To travel between cities, I recommend you take advantage of domestic flights but you can also hire a private driver or take a bus.

In Mandalay, hire a private driver when exploring city outskirts or transitioning between destinations. Contact me for recommendation

E-bikes (mopeds) are eco-friendly and perfect for the exploration of Bagan’s sacred grounds.

Boats are essential on Inle Lake, offering a serene and authentic form of travel.

  • Day 1-2: Arrive in Yangon via an international flight, explore the city by taxi or ride-hailing service.
  • Day 3: Domestic flight to Mandalay, private driver/taxi for city exploration.
  • Day 4-5: Private driver or domestic flight to Bagan, e-bike or bicycle for temple visits.
  • Day 6: Domestic flight to Heho then transfer to Inle Lake, boat for lake excursions.
  • Day 7: Return to Yangon, domestic flight, and taxi for city travel.


I found most broadband internet in hotels to be very slow and sometimes just unusable so bear that in mind if you are planning to have conference calls. I strongly recommend you get a SIM or eSIM as you land.

ATOM is one of the telecom companies in Myanmar and has a stand at the airport arrivals area and sells both eSIMs and SIMs. I purchased one and their coverage was very good and always working in all areas I visited. I paid with cash but they might accept card.

For further information on SIM options, check here.


When choosing accommodation for your travels, flexibility is important. I have a diverse taste that ranges from luxury 5-star hotels to cozy Airbnbs, bed and breakfasts, and hostels that fit any budget. Throughout this itinerary, I include personal recommendations based on memorable stays. For the best deals, I consistently found that booking through Agoda offers cost-effective options. However, please note that due to the current situation, some accommodation facilities may be temporarily closed. It is advisable to check availability and book in advance.


This itinerary was based on the dates I had available and working with the flight timetables. You should be able to easily move locations around but I would only recommend you stay longer in places if you have extra time. This recommendation is so you can see the main highlights that can be visited at the moment but you could certainly spend more time in each place and explore further.

Day 1-2: Yangon’s Charm

Begin your adventure in Yangon, a city where traditional tea shops, colonial architecture, and modern life blend effortlessly.

Tips for Navigating the City
  • Public transport is your ally here; get familiar with the local buses or opt for ride-sharing app (Grab).
  • Walking tours can give you the real pulse of the city, revealing hidden gems along the way.

The Pan Pacific Hotel: Top hotel in Yangon with very accessible price and excelent location.

  • Wander through the streets and sense the cultural fusion.
  • Go the Night Food Market in Chinatown to try some street food and the night life of 19th Street
  • Take the circular train early in the morning, full circle to experience Myanmar’s daily life and the changing landscape outside of the former capital. More info here.
  • As the sun sets, the Shwedagon Pagoda beckons. Witness how its golden spire captures the last light of day—an unmissable sight.

Day 3: Mandalay Magic

Fly to Mandalay, once the royal capital, now a treasure trove of Myanmar’s cultural heritage.


Royal Pearl Hotel: 2-star hotel in central Mandalay.

  • Get picked up at the airport by your driver and guide for your private day tour. The cost was USD 100 for both driver and guide + tips.
  • Step into the past with visits to palaces and monasteries. I was able to visit a few in Sagaing, Innwa and Amarapura as well as Mandalay
  • Explore the local traditional workshops, crafting everything from gold leaf to tapestries.
  • End with a sunset visit to the U Bein Bridge, the longest teakwood bridge in the world. Hire a boat and watch the sun go down behind the bridge.
Sunset at U Bein Bridge

Day 4-5: Bagan’s Ancient Beauty

If you can, take a short flight to Bagan, the temple town, where history is carved in stone. Alternatively, go via bus or private driver (I used the same driver for this transfer and there was no fligths available. The cost was USD100).

Sunrise and Sunset Experiences
  • Witness a breathtaking sunrise from a secluded pagoda as the hues of dawn illuminate the ancient landscape. Do not you can no longer climb on the pagodas but I found this spot here to take the featured picture in this post.
  • During sunset, the silhouette of the temples against the crimson sky paints a picture that will etch itself into your memory. There are several man made places for sunset spots.
Bagan Sunrise
Temples and Pagodas to Visit
  • Explore the grandeur of Ananda Temple and the frescoes of Gubyaukgyi Temple.
  • Climb the steps of the imposing Dhammayangyi Temple for a glimpse into Bagan’s storied past.
Hot Air Balloon Ride Options
  • Soar above Bagan with a hot air balloon ride, an unforgettable vista with the Irrawaddy River unfurling below. This was a great package deal with Balloons Over Bagan as I paid USD210 for the fligth and 2-night accomodation.
  • Take a private driver/guide tour for half a day to familiarise yourself with the area and also learn a bit more about the pagodas, stupas and temples.
  • Next day, rent an e-bike (8000MMK half or 15000 full day) to navigate the temple-studded landscape at your own pace.

Day 6: Tranquility at Inle Lake

Take a short flight from Bagan to Heho and the transfer to Inle Lake and witness the unique lifestyle of its inhabitants.

There is a 25000MMK entry fee to the Inle area, the driver will stop at the office for you to pay. Have cash ready. You should organise your boat trip with your hotel or you can wander around town and pick one. I like to save time and have that done before hand due to limited time.

Unique Experiences on the Lake
  • Embark on a boat tour to explore the water-bound villages and the iconic leg-rowing fishermen.
  • Delight in the clear waters as you pass by the floating gardens, cultivated spots of vegetation on the lake’s surface.
Iconic Leg-rowing Fisherman
Traditional Villages and Floating Gardens
  • Visit the weaving villages and witness Intha silks being crafted on traditional looms.
  • Explore the pagoda complex on Indein with its mesmerizing stupas and sculptures.
Local Markets and Handicrafts
  • Inle Lake’s morning markets offer a chance to buy unique souvenirs directly from the artisans themselves.

Day 7: Return to Yangon and Farewell

Circle back to Yangon for a reflective end to your sojourn.

Last-minute Shopping and Souvenirs
  • If you have time or is staying anothe night in Yangon then return to the markets or check out concept stores that fuse traditional crafts with modern aesthetics.
Departure Tips and Recommendations
  • If you are connecting to your international flight, you need to walk from T1 to T3 via the walkway outside. The shuttle bus is not running at the moment.


With these recommendations, your 7 days in Myanmar will be filled with unforgettable moments and transformative experiences. Safe travels on this incredible journey through this enchanting country!

Myanmar is a country full of captivating stories and breathtaking landscapes. As your 7-day journey comes to an end, take with you not just souvenirs, but the unforgettable experiences you’ve had. Myanmar showcases the resilience and beauty of both its landscapes and its people.

Closing Note

And that’s it for our journey today! I really hope you found the insights shared in this post helpful and inspiring. It means a lot to have you here, and I’m so grateful for the time you’ve spent exploring my corner of the internet.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! Which tip resonated most with you, and how do you plan to incorporate it into your own experiences? Share your thoughts in the comments below – let’s keep the conversation going!

If you have any questions or need a spot of advice, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact me anytime over here, and I’ll be more than happy to chat with you.

Let’s stay on this adventure together. For more travel guides, tips, and personal stories, make sure to subscribe and follow my blog. Your next dose of inspiration is just a post away.

See you later! Keep exploring, keep dreaming, and always stay true to yourself!

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